what is the step by step process of converting to an adsl line?

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Hi there,

To convert you Telkom land line to a vouice and ADSL line will take up to 30 days.
This is done by Telkom or Afrihost and line must be active.

You would need to contact your service frovider to request the line conversion.

If you would like to Transfer your ADSL line from Telkom to Afrihost you need to:

Step 1

Contact Telkom and inform them you want to migrate the line and request they move line to the Openserve Holding Pool in order for the migration process to go through. You need to give Telkom 30 days notice.

Step 2

Fill in the Telkom form for Consumer Request and Service Cancellation.
Specify that you are canceling the adsl service and moving or porting to another service provider. (Found in section 2 of the form)


Step 3

Ensure that all information is correct and the form is signed and dated.
Scan the form and a copy of your ID and email it to:
Residential - servcancellation@telkom.co.za OR for a
Business (ONLY) -stocst@telkom.co.za
If you have a Business Line, Telkom requires the following:

A signed cancellation letter from the Sole Proprietor OR on a company letterhead for CC/PTY LTD. (In both instances, a copy of the authorised signatory's ID is required).
Please cc Afrihost in the mail (wsc@afrihost.com), so that it is easier to track the progress of the migration and make the subject of the email: Migration of Telkom DSL line

Step 4

You will receive an sms from Telkom within 24hrs informing you that the line is ready for migration. You will have 5 working days to inform your new service provider.


If you would like to Transfer/ Migrate ADSL line to Afrihost from another service provider

A: To Transfer your ADSL line from another service provider to Afrihost you need to:

Step 1
Contact your current service provider and request to move your DSL line to the OpenServe Holding Pool. You will need to give your current provider 30 days notice.

Step 2
Once the line is in the holding pool, contact Afrihost to migrate the line.
You have 5 working days in which to let your new service provider (Afrihost) know that you wish, for the request to be process and the line moved. If you do not let your new ISP know within 5 working days, the line will be suspended and you will loose all services. To reinstate the line please contact the ISP you wish to move to.

NB-----Please note, you must migrate your current Telkom SPEED to Afrihost.

You will be charged  a pro-rata rate when your line has been transferred to Afrihost (activated); It will take Afrihost up to 14 working days to process the order.

You are still liable to pay Telkom for the Voice Line Rental and Voice calls made from the line.


For further assistance please visit client zone: https://clientzone.afrihost.com
and see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com

Thank you

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