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Good day.

I have applied for, received and backed-up an SSL Certificate from for use on our website, hosted with Afrihost.

I cannot find where to install the certificated from our cPanel.

To whom should I forward the certificate in order to have it installed on our domain?
asked Feb 16, 2015 in Shared Hosting by Christo

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Hi Christo

Firstly you are going to need a dedicated IP for your domain at R50 p/m or R600 annually. If the CSR that was used to order the SSL certificate was not generated from our servers, we are going to need to the private key so that we are able to install the SSL certificate on our servers. Once all the dedicated IP has been allocated to your domain on the server that hosts your domain you can contact our support centre or send me an email at and I will assist you further.
answered Feb 16, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
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You can do this via the 'SSL/TLS Manager' option.

With the new version of cPanel (11.38+), you no longer need a Dedicated IP to install SSL certificates. This is if you want the SSL Certificate only for domain validation. If you need extra like EV (Extended Validation), then you might be required to have a dedicated ip when you generate the CSR. i Find out what version of cPanel is installed on the server your website is on. 


Dedicated IP addresses are no longer required for SSL certificates as long as you are using an OS that supports SNI (CentOS/RHEL 6). You can install a certificate on an account that's assigned a shared IP address assuming your server supports SNI.


answered Feb 18, 2015 by theeandre (32,960 points)