Confusion between providers what my max supported DSL line speed is.

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Has anybody delt with disparitry regarding what the actual supported max sync speed of your DSL line is.


Went through the whole process of migrating my DSL line to Afrihost from Telkom which took 2 months. (Prior to doing this I checked the supported max speed in my area, and know people in Struisbaai is getting 20Mbps, and coverage indicated 20Mbps )

I also see sync data rate on my router which is aprox 10Mbps and max data rate of aprox 20Mbps - now if my line didnt gte that information through the exchange close to where I am how could it even mistakenly indicate max data rate of 19800 kbps??

Guy at Afrihost tells me that my line only supports 10Mbps ( currently sync at 10Mbps and on a 8Mbps line, real world speed 7.8Mbps ) I had to get Telkom to run a diagnostic to confirm the 20Mbps speed is supported at my address which obviously goes through the excahnge which supposedly only supported 10Mbps....

What can should I do......struggling to get a answer from Afrihost, and I dont see why its taking them so long to determine the actual supported speed. My DSL router (i assume most do these days ) supports and sync to ADSL2 Plus modulation which indicates to me that the 20Mbps VDSL shoule be supported as well.


Any advice, and technical explination will be awesome - as I dont understand why all the confusion.


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Is 20mbp/s not VDSL? you will have to get a VDSL router to be able to use the service.


Hope this helps
answered Dec 1, 2017 by K1ngFallen (63,680 points)
Thanks for the reply

As I understand it technically yes 20Mbps is the lower limit of VDSL, but with ADSL2+ modulation the bitrate gets double so effectively giving you 20Mbps using a ADSL router.

It should work, and I'll most likely get 16-17Mbps but that better than 8Mbps. Its so frustrating to actually get someone at Telkom or Afrihost to give me a de answer regarding the supported max sync rate.....surely someone needs to dev  a app which runs a diagnostic on phone lines.....
Agreed that's why I stay away from ADSL's best effort services.
Lol you guys living in cities are lucky - we are lucky to have 20Mbps, most ppl here prob 60% have 10Mbps

 10% has 20Mbps and the rest has 4Mbps and 2Mbps.......
I cant get adsl where I stay where do you live?
I stay in the Overberg, its only recently ( think this year actually ) that we can get anything faster than 4Mbps on a copper line. If you wanted faster you needed to go 3G and 4G which is way expensive.

So what do you use for internet connection then?