ADSL line sync rate slows down over time most likely ASSIA

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Soo, our 8mbps adsl line starts out syncing at the usual 8000 kbps, then goes down to 7119 and then 6119 and then 5399, i reckon its ASSIA since a "port move" as the technician called it semed to have fixed it, then it did this same process, our Line SNR starts at 15 then goes down to 8 also i believe ASSIA is the route cause, is there some way to request telkom to disable ASSIA?


Here is the ADSL Driver menu C&P on our router:

Adsl Line Status SHOWTIME.L0
Adsl Mode G992.5
Channel Mode Interleave
Up Stream 767 kbps
Down Stream 6399 kbps
Attenuation Down Stream 44
Attenuation Up Stream 29
SNR Margin Down Stream 9.4
SNR Margin Up Stream 15.1
Vendor ID RETK
Firmware Version 4926dc02
CRC Errors 0
Up Stream BER 0e-7
Down Stream BER 0e-7
Up Output Power 12
Down Output Power 19.5
ES 2989
SES 326
UAS 58700


asked Dec 4, 2017 in ADSL by vgaggia (210 points)

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Sadly, ASSIA cannot be disabled. But over time, you will see it work on your line. Dont ask Telkom to fiddle as the more they fiddle, it will "reset" the database of your line stats.

Over time, you will see they bring the line up and down to test stability, but they will always try and get you at your best rate.
answered Dec 8, 2017 by MattzFiber (10,580 points)