How do I add Nameservers to my domain

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I have Shared Hosting, and want to link my site to cloudflare, to do this I need to add Nameservers to my DNS. How do I do this.
asked Feb 17, 2015 in DNS by Andi

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You do not get access to add Nameservers to your domain. Only we have that acces as the DNS administrators. You need to send us the Nameservers you want to change to so that we can see if your domain responds to them. We do not advise that you change your Nameservers. We encourage that you point your web records to the host that hosts your website. reason being, once the Nameservers change it means your DNS will be hosted by the host you chnaging to. there will be down time of your emails until you point them correctly on future hosts' DNS management system. If anything happens to the mails the future host will be responsible with the making sure that the mails are properly relayed and they were received by our servers before we can troubleshoot on our end. With pointing it means we will be responsible for pointing the web records the address that you give us. There will be no down time with emails as well. Please send an email from the primary email address of your account with the domain that you would like to make DNS changes on to If you would like to change Nameservers kindly send the new Namesevers with the email confirmation the DNS change so that we can check for a response and change them for you.
answered Feb 17, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)
Ok thank you, I just wanted to find out
It is my pleasure kind sir. :)
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Would you still recommend not to add nameservers if one doesn't care about emails?