Unable to get onto internet

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Need your help (this is not a bad service complaint, just a shout for help)

I have VUMA FTTH. I have received the object number and have activated with Afrihost yesterday 11/01/18.

However i still havent been able to get onto the net.

Called Vumatel twice, who confirm that the CPE is fine from their side and can see Afrihost's DLink router connected. powered the CPE off and on and it showed on their systems (CPE is good, no dead ports). They suggested that Afrihost reset the MAC address on the router.

Called Afrihost and informed the tech, who did so and said to power both units off and back on after 15 minutes. No internet.

Called back and a new tech said that he will contact Vumatel and call me back. He did and said Vumatel reset the CPE on their side and to power both units off & back on after 15 minutes. No internet.

Has anybody had the same issue? is their something I should be doing or checking?

Please help
asked Jan 12 in Fibre by macross17 (250 points)

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Good day.

I managed to get this sorted out. The issue was on my end.

The PC I use has different profiles, and I do not have administrator rights in my profile that was being used to connect.

In addition, my profile had a static IP which was stopping me from connecting and loggig on to the router page.

My brother logged on as the administrator and removed the static IP and this opened up the connection to all profiles.

Thanks to the Afrihost agents who tried to help even though the issue was on my end.
answered Jan 15 by macross17 (250 points)