Why did I Sign Up for Double Data and am not getting that because you weren't able to deliver on time?

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I signed up for the Double Data package that was supposed to give me 25GB + 25GB.

I was patient and waited as there was a shortage of stock when it comes to Routers. When it was finally sent out, apparently the driver lost the package or was hijacked, the delivery was then cancelled and then Afrihost placed a new order for me after that.

I waited more and finally did receive it, however I now do not get the Double Data I signed up for, only getting 25GB instead.

After getting in touch it seems the company is under the impression that I am the one who cancelled the package and the person I was in contact with told me there was nothing they could help me with and I should get in contact with rain instead - which I don't know how to do even.
asked Jan 16 in RAIN by Ndloh (130 points)
Hi   I have the same query.  I signed up on the 19th November     vehicle got hijacked, parcel finally delivered 21st DECEMBER,   and now I am only on the 25 Gb package.  I have e mails acknowledging this from them AH  and promises to fix  and   marked HIGH priority   and passed on to my supervisor etc.  I have spoken umpteen times to the call center .   NOTHING..   It seems they are not able to do anything because AH does not actually supply the service   they act purely as an on seller of an internet company that provides the service.    I was told it is internet solutions     and when I called them   even wore treatment than AH. I called again this morning  a few minutes ago   and spoke to a very helpful gentleman   JUSTIN     who went to look for his supervisor and then the phone got cut off,  put down in my ear?????    I think the only way to go forward is either to cancel under their  2monthsdouble money back guarentee   or go to their SANDTON office.     Trust this helps.  If you come right  please tell me how you did it and I will do likewise.  ABD

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Good day Ndloh,

Apologies for the inconvenience cause by this.
We have been working hard to correct this for all clients affected.

Please will you send an email to: support@afrihost.com
so that this matter can be escalated and dealt with accordingly.

If you require further assistance please 
send a message to our whatsapp help line  - https://whatsapp.afrihost.com
or call: 011 612 7200
​​​​​​​​​​​or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com

Thank you

answered Apr 11 by AfriDazzil (29,190 points)