Still no response to my query about the terribly slow internet service provided

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Hi there


I would really appreciate a possible call back with regards to my contract with Afrihost


I purchased the double your data package with a router in November 2017.

Since then I have regularly experienced extremely slow network connections.

This Saturday 20th January was the worst. I could not even perform a speedtest as it indicated network problems. My email also took forever to even start loading.

As a result I created a hotspot with my MTN mobile phone and seconds I was up and running and able to send an email.


Now I am regularly tested reset the router and I still get upload speeds of between 0.3 and 1.3 mbps and download speeds of 0.7-1.7 mbps

This is terrible!


Whereas with my mobile sim which is on the same network in the same room I am getting speeds of around 15-20mbps.


I am really not happy to continue with a contract where the performance is dead in the water and I can't even open emails


I am open to suggestions and would not like to go through the whole process of cancelling a contract and struggling with all the issues around that and would prefer to continue my relationship with Afrihost


Please can you contact me with a workable solution


Kind regards

asked Jan 26 in Mobile Data by garethgouws (170 points)
I feel you man, Been sitting with mine for a wile too.

(Though my speed is grazing 56k dialup speeds. So their client support doesn't allow me to log tickets)

Sub par 100kbs download, 10kbs upload, and also constant 1000ms ping
So lets see if they even check their comments sections or posts.

P.S since the web app seems to be responding... sometimes, as i receive an email that a support ticket has been received. im going to have a tad bit of fun.... And see how many support tickets i can log before someone answers. (Lets say.... i bet i will get around 100,000 tickets logged before tomorrow or and answer)

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Hi Gareth,

Your speeds may be affected by the traffic on the network at the time, weather conditions and your location.

Dont cancel your contract, contact Afrihost support they can help
answered Mar 1 by Rookie (3,460 points)