Can me and my landlord share a Premium Uncapped DSL Bundle?

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I live in a garden flat and want to get a Premium Uncapped DSL Bundle and share the cost with my landlord (Who lives on the same premises) who will then also use the connection.

Might be a stupid question, but is this possible? The "one concurrent connection" statement regarding these bundles on the Afrihost website leads me to think that only one device can connect at a time, which would be quite problematic, but wouldn't make sense. So what does "one concurrent connection" mean and would this setup work with the two of us possibly wanting to use the connection simultaneously?

Also if I understand correctly Afrihost includes the cost of the Telkom line rental in their bundle's cost (meaning you don't have to pay extra every month for that), but they don't include the Telkom line's installation? Is this correct?
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One concurrent connection refers to the DSL Line.  You can for example have a router at your holiday home and primary residence sharing the same pacakge. This will count as 2 concurrent connections.

What you want to do is have 1 primary router connected to the DSL line.  From there you can set up more routers via hard wire or a wifi network with wifi extenders if required.  This will count as 1 connection.

The bundled deals includes the DSL rental. You still have to pay Telkom line rental for the land line (even if you don't want it you must pay for it).

If you have fiber available in your area it may be the cheaper and faster option
answered Feb 1 by TriggerXI77 (2,300 points)
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