Does anyone experience high latency when connecting to servers internationally? RAIN

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I have an ADSL line as well as an afrihost mobile sim card. When I use either to connect to the internet my ping to international servers is an understandable 200ms average. I recently signed up for the RAIN product and my ping sits at around 400ms average. I understand that there will be a higher latency with a mobile product, however, I cannot understand why it would be double that of a similar mobile product - Afrihost mobile.

Irrespective of my signal strength, the ping is still high. I have tested it in various areas.

What are my options?
asked Jan 29 in RAIN by KyleM (210 points)

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Hey Kyle,

It may be the time of day you are connecting.
I have heard that congestion can be experineced on the RAIN network depending on the time you are trying to connect.

Maybe this link can help you
answered Apr 16 by Rookie (3,460 points)
Unfortunately it's not a congestion problem. I have explained this to Afrihost countless times. I've honestly tested it throughout the day be it early in the morning, late in the evening etc.

It has to do with the way the traffic is being routed. Obviously they really aren't interested in helping me or completely do not understand what I am saying so I have completely given up.

As I said, I wish it was as simple as a congestion problem.