What are some good TV mount brands?

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I`ve bought a new Smart TV recently and want to mount it to save space. Any recommendations?
asked Jan 31 in General by Samanta (740 points)

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You probably already know this, but don't buy one at Best Buy. They are insanely marked up. But Sanus makes some good mounts. Those were pretty much the go-to for employees buying mounts and I've never heard anything bad about them. I know both Amazon and Monoprice offer lower priced options though that get high ratings.
answered Jan 31 by Dorotty (240 points)
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I think that it's better to get one that fits your TV. I got one at https://www.primecables.ca/p-337812-cab-lpa36-466-primecables-full-motion-articulating-tv-wall-mount-for-37-to-70-flat-panel-tvs and it's perfect for my Smart TV.

answered Mar 6 by swipswip (1,180 points)