I cant find a connecion on my laptop

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asked Feb 5, 2018 in Air Mobile by Samyjones (130 points)

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Good day Sammy,

Please can you explain the type of connection you are trying to establish with your laptop?

Is it via ADSL or Fibre or Fixed wireless or are you using a mobile WiFi device?

This will help us to troubleshoot the problem.

For further assistance please email: support@afrihost.com
or contact Afrihost support on 011 612-7200
or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com

Thank you
answered Feb 6, 2018 by AfriDazzil (36,470 points)
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Was the connection working before? I mean the problem could be in absence of wireless card. Or if it was working before the internet card could be broken and you have to change it. Or if there is no card you have to buy a new laptop for a pity. If you are not sure which model exactly you need you must learn this great page with best laptops review. It will help you a lot with your choice.

answered Nov 5, 2019 by emillnoore (580 points)