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I misplaced my RAIN sim card which came with a B315 Router during the promotion of free 25GB until November 2018. Everymonth on the client zone I can see there is data(25+25) that is just not getting used. Because I couldn't find that sim, I took another RAIN sim card, which I am using. Is there no way to transfer my DATA from the miplaced sim to this one, I am paying for it anyway???
asked Feb 7, 2018 in Fixed Wireless LTE Internet by MlungisiNgcobo (130 points)
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Unfortunately, Fixed Wireless (Rain) data cannot be transferred. You can cancel the package to avoid paying for it since you are no longer using it.
answered Feb 14, 2018 by TheOisSilent (640 points)
What a load of hogwash, how is it in this day and age not to have the ability to do a sim swap.
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How do I report a lost Rain SIM card
answered Feb 9, 2020 by Hakkie wright (140 points)