Issues after upgrading from 4mb to 20mb speed

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Ok, this is my problem experienced when moving from a 4mb line to 20mb. So not really a question.
asked Feb 12 in Fibre by macross17 (250 points)

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2 weeks ago, I requested to have my 4mb uncapped to a 20mb uncapped on the online website (Android app is a bit buggy)

This I understood would take 24-48 hours, but accepted 3 days with the way things go in SA.

After 3 days, of speed checking, i was still on 4mb. SMS'ng of HELP to 32541 began.

Each time Afrihost checked, their side showed 20mb and Vumatel confirmed the same when they were contacted. Also that the they have reset the MAC address.

This continued for 2 weeks of back and forth. In the 2nd week i had resolved myself to cancelling with Afrihost, until Vumatel did an out of the blue customer service check on how I was enjoying the fibre they installed. I then informed the rep my entire story, who then put me through a Vumatel fibre tech (named Lucky - kid you not). He then stated these options:

  1.  Call afrihost again, and inform them to "Clear the lease" on their side (no idea what that means)
  2. if that fails, "change the ports on the CPE"
  3. failing that, "send a tech to my residence"

I then called Afrihost informed them of option 1. They confirmed and said that by the time i get home in the evening, the speed would change to 20mb.

Went home and there was no internet at all. I did the obligatory disconnect and waited 15 minutes, reconnected and still no internet.

I then receive 2 automated emails from venturanext stating "has been shelved. This means the order will still be available but will not be in a usable state until the order has been unshelved"

By Friday night I was ready to quit, sent the last sms, and an Afrihost rep stated that he will check. called back and he said that he will reset the MAC address, turn it off and back on again. The unshelved meant that Vumatel had deactivated the original package and reactivated a new one.

After doing this, the internet connection came back and with the 20mb line speed.

Somewhere along this journey Afrihost & Vumatel sequence of upgrading didn't quite work ( I assume).

All I know is if there are any others with this issue, be patient, but Afrihost has to smooth out the link with Vumatel or they will have customers leave.

answered Feb 12 by macross17 (250 points)