please call me back on 084XXXXXXX. I am a prospective client

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please call me back on 084XXXXXXX. I have been trying to contact you the whole day to no avail! This is not good as I am contemplating to join you as a prospective client!!!!!
asked Feb 12 in General by shanramsurwaj (130 points)

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For your own safety and security we ask that you please do not include any personal information,
such as contact numbers or account login details when asking a question as this is a public forum.

Your details will be hidden for safety and security purposes.

If you would like one of our Support agents to contact you,

simply SMS 'Help' to 32541 and they will call you back

or you can email:
or via live chat support on our website

Thank you
answered Feb 12 by AfriDazzil (29,190 points)