How do I cancel Afrihost but keep Vuma [last mile provider] when I go overseas, and what are the costs?

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asked Mar 2 in Fibre by Nomad (190 points)

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Are you cancelling your Afrihost account permanently? I read an answer on another question here that you can pause your contract for up to 6 months instead. This may be helpful. :) Copy-pasting the comment I found on another account.


To temporarily 'Pause' your account for up to 6 months or un-pause your package this can be done in Client Zone

  • Go to Client zone -
  • Select Connectivity tab
  • Select the package you wish to alter
  • Select Edit Package
  • Select pause or un-pause package

If you require further assistance please email:
or contact Afrihost support on 011 612-7200
or see our FAQ page:

answered Mar 30 by lippiestick (1,140 points)
I already commented on the 1st answer that told me this. I think that it might apply to ADSL accounts but NOT Fibre. Afrihost has told me that they still have to pay the Fibre provider so they can't carry the overhead. I reduced the speed and will cancel the connection after my 6 months with Afrihost is reached [i.e. no cancellation charges]. This is the least expensive solution.