Is it possible to grow 5 weeds under a 480W grow light?

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asked Mar 3, 2018 in General by Franklee (940 points)
What kind will you be growing, by the way? I heard cbd edibles are popular now, what is your preferred method of use:  Personally, I tried growing it once but buying was faster and easier and I could try different kinds of it without any hassle.
Bought, read that it destroys hundreds of weeds Prepared a solution according to the instructions, sprayed the weeds in the garden, between the rows and in the wooden growth in the front garden. A few days nothing happened, and then they began to pull and keep the same. In general, I am sure that this is due to the drug. We will use it again, definitely recommend it!

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Why not? You can do one plant or a hundred plants it just dependa of the size of the containers you put them in, biger pots biger plants
answered Mar 3, 2018 by Candyman (330 points)
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It is possible, but I would recommend to use some ViparSpectra Reflector LED lights for it. There are full descriptions and top picks They are cheaper than other LEDs and consume less power.

answered Mar 3, 2018 by Samanta (1,160 points)
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It also depends on the variety and type of hemp you want to grow. If you will buy seeds in a good online store, such as, you can get a recommendation regarding cultivation. Near each seed there are specified conditions that are necessary for a specific type of hemp for its growth.

answered Feb 20 by jiner (720 points)
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I think it is possible, but it is better to check specialized sites. Personally I have recently found a good article hemp oil vs cbd oil and this source turned out to have much information about cannabis products, so I recommend to check it. Hope it helps!

answered Feb 24 by Alexandra (860 points)
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I am sure you will find appropriate advice at marijuanagrowingforums or grasscityforums. I vape weed from time to time, and even ordered special dry herb vaporizer from US online vape store (this one ), but never even thought about growing cannabis indoors. 

answered May 17 by mialee (500 points)