need to create a web site what details do you require

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I accepted your promotion offer to create a web site aand to maintain it, but I do not know what information you require to design and set up a web site for me
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You need a specialist. If you do not know the programming language, then this is a good option. I don't know how to write sites, but I would like to learn. Now I have my website firecam. I make good money. I like being my own boss. I asked a friend for help. He wrote a website for me. You'll see a specialist, too. You will help in this matter. If you want to learn how to write sites, then learn the information on the Internet. You can and I can. Act!

answered Apr 1, 2018 by your man (1,560 points)
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I was creating a fashion web site and wanted to pay attention to different things. It's a colorful theme and templates, I also used to create a really good design. All aspects such as design, chatbox, comments are really important.

answered Jul 19, 2018 by swipswip (1,770 points)