No internet. Message: The DNS server isn't responding

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Hi there,

Below are some troubleshooting steps to correct the DNS error.

1 . Try connecting with a different device.

If you can connect a phone, tablet, or computer to the internet and can access the webpage that you're having trouble with on your primary device, the issue is definitively with the device and not the router.
If you are not able to connect with the second device, that doesn't necessarily mean that the router is the problem.
If you're having trouble with a specific website, try accessing it using mobile data. If you still can't access the site, the issue is on the site's end.


2 . Try a different browser.

Try a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome and attempt to connect to the internet; if the problems persist, you can rule out the browser as the problem.
If the issue is resolved then uninstalling and reinstalling your old browser will likely fix the problem.


3 . Power cycle your modem and router.
Clear your router's cache

To do this:

  • Unplug your modem's power cable as well as your router's power cable.
  • Allow both your modem and your router to sit for at least 30 seconds.

  • Reconnect your modem and wait for it to come back online.

  • Reconnect your router to your modem and wait for it to come back online.

  • Use a paper clip or pen to press and hold the reset button under the router for 30 seconds


4 . Connect your computer to your router via Ethernet.
If you're already using Ethernet, skip this step.
If you can connect to a web page while using Ethernet, the problem may stem from your router. You'll most likely need to reset it.
If you can't connect to a web page while connected via Ethernet, your DNS settings may be the problem.


Afrihost DNS settings

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