how do I find out the landline number at my home if the owner is not reachable?

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asked Mar 19, 2018 in Lines by pjlo (130 points)

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Call a cellphone from the landline and it will show you the number you are calling from.
answered Mar 26, 2018 by TriggerXI77 (2,460 points)
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The previous answer - call a cellphone from the landline - is right.

However, if the landline has blocked the feature to call cellphone numbers, then try calling another landline instead, one with a caller ID. Ask your friends who live in the area.

If this is not possible, you can look for a copy of the phone bill. The number should be there.

If you don't have the bill, you can try calling directory assistance. :)

If the number is listed private and not available from directory assistance, call the phone company instead. They should be able to give it to you soon as you answer a few security questions.

Good luck!
answered Mar 27, 2018 by lippiestick (1,160 points)