Should I use web teamplates for making a website?

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I'm planning to make a fansite about food and cooking and I heard that web templates are often used in this case. Are they worth trying?
asked Mar 23, 2018 in General by Manora (280 points)

3 Answers

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Maybe will be better for you to hire webdev?
answered Mar 27, 2018 by Yanns (1,200 points)
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Hi Manora!

Hiring a web developer is a great option; however, it is understandable when you don't want to spend any money if you're creating a fansite, and not necessarily a business website. However, if you plan on making money out of ads, affiliate articles, etc., then it's best to hire a developer so your site looks unique and professional.

But if you insist on using web templates, yes, they are worth trying of course. For instance, if you choose to set up your site via Wordpress and use the templates from there, you can still make your site unique by using the customization tools. This will enable you to change fonts, color schemes, backgrounds, etc.

Good luck!
answered Mar 28, 2018 by lippiestick (1,160 points)
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Hey, the times when websites were only created by professional programmers are gone.
answered Jun 16, 2018 by Vilena (360 points)