What standard do you use to measure data used?

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In all my years using Telkom data I never exceeded 60 gigs data a month. Since I moved to Afrihost I run out half way thru the month on 50 gigs. Today the 2 April I receive an email from you stating I have already used 50.6% of my data that started on the 1 April. We where not even home for most of the day. How is it physically possible to consume so much data in such a short space of time. Something is very wrong here. Please investigative.
asked Apr 2 in Billing by GSStols (130 points)

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Hi there

The notification if for the precious months data that was depleted.

Afrihost capped DSL data rolls over for 1 month. What this means is that if you have any unused data at the end of the month that was allocated at the
beginning of that month the data will be available for use the next month. You will first use the rollover data before the new months data is used.
answered May 6 by GeorgeM (560 points)