Fibre connection keeps dropping and asking to login to Afrihost on different devices.

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My fibre was connected recently and seemed to be working fine, but a day later the connection keeps getting dropped on several devices in the household and keep getting prompted to sign in to the network (not the WiFi network, but to Afrihost itself), it's annoying and is getting quite frustrating. I have tried resetting both the WiFi router and the fibre router, but have had no luck.
asked Apr 7 in Fibre by Michael Rosenstein (130 points)

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Hi Michael

I am sorry for the frustration.

The issue you describe happens when the router is not connected correctly to the Optical Network Terminal.
The setup should be from the Internet port on the router to the LAN 1 on the ONT -  except on TT Connect where it is LAN 5.

If it is one of our new Dlink routers it could also be a setting during configuration that was set incorrectly.

If the router does not have a dedicated WAN/Internet port eg it has a LAN 4 / WAN port it will cause the same issue when it is
not configured incorrectly. We do not recommend these routers as they are not designed for fibre purposes.

The third reason could be a faulty router which you can return to us via in the My Account / Completed Orders menu.
answered May 6 by GeorgeM (560 points)