Does Afrihost use LLC or VC-MUX ?

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I have a new ASUS DSL-AC52U router whereby my line keeps dropping every other day and I have to reset it to get connectivity restored.

I enquired by ASUS support what could be the cause and they posed this question to me that I should confirm that my ISP (Afrihost) uses LL or VC-MUX ?

Can anyone please assis what these mean (sorry if its a dum or obvious question) and which Afrihost uses.

asked Apr 9 in ADSL by Murshid (170 points)

1 Answer

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Afrihost uses VC-MUX
VC-MUX is the configuration that you use on your ADSL router when you set the 8/35 config on your PPPoE
answered Apr 18 by Rookie (3,460 points)