How do i validate my banking details when i had nothing to pay upfront?

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asked Apr 9 in Billing by bmurugan (130 points)

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Good day,
To verify your banking details please do so via your Client Zone

  • Log into your ClientZone account
  • Select Billing
  • Click on Verify Payment Details
  • Select the correct bank account;
  • Click Verify
  • Enter the verification code (VC number is found on your bank statement, at the end of your Afrihost Transaction info)

    The code will be in the description of the transaction after your Afrihost account number. This is what it will look like on your statement - 
    AFRIHOST A17609440 D57HW2VC A1

    The verification code is the number that either begins or ends with 'VC', do not enter the A1.
    The highlighted alpha-digits in bold is the verification code you need to supply (eg: D57HW2VC)

    If you require further assistance please email:
    or contact Afrihost support on 011 612-7200
    ​​​​or see our FAQ page:

    Thank you

answered Apr 10 by AfriDazzil (29,190 points)