Migrate from Telkom OpenServ(old house) to Arihost Vumatel(existing installation in new house)

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I just moved to a new house (renting) with existing Vumatel fibre installed. I had Telkom with OpenServ fibre in my old address.  I would like to get my internet connection via the existing infrastructure instead of having Telkom installing new openserv infrastructure in a rental property.  Telkom wants me to cancel my openserv and open a new contract with Vuma...but i am a Telkom customer, the fact that they have 2 different service providers is not my problem.

if I can switch to Arihost it would suit me.  what do i need to do?
asked Apr 12 in Fibre by dalinevanzyl (130 points)

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Good day,

There is no relocation process.

You will need to cancel the old (house/ unit) and sign up the new premises with the new fibre provider (Vumatel)

To sign up for a new fiber package please follow the steps below:

  • Please go to our website, https://www.afrihost.com/landing/fiber/,
  • Enter your address in the fiber coverage map
  • You can then proceed
    - Select the Fiber provider in your area (in your case - Vumatel) 
    - Select the Fiber package you want (Home, Business or Premium)
     - Select the fiber line speed
     - Select 'Sign Up'
    - Fill in all your details and move to the next step
    - Confirm the payment details

If you require further assistance please
Send a message to our whatsapp help line: https://whatsapp.afrihost.com
Visit our help center:  https://www.afrihost.com/site/help_centre
​​​​See our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com
Or email us: support@afrihost.com

Thank you

answered Apr 18 by AfriDazzil (29,190 points)