Decided to try mining Bitcoin. What are my options?

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Decided to try mining Bitcoin. What are my options?
asked Apr 16, 2018 in General by laslofrederick (1,050 points)

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Hello! If you are going to try mining, I recommend you to wait for the mining unit from to come out. I think it is a very cool project which will suit any apartment and with the help of which everyone will be able to mine cryptocurrencies easily and without too much effort. I am pretty sure that you will like using it too. I personally can't wait for it to become available ;)
answered Apr 16, 2018 by Fronman (1,820 points)
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Nowadays many people keep on mining and the tendecies are getting more and more visible that this area of virtual business will continue growing. To be successful here, you must follow all the changes timely and be prepared to act promptly. That's why I often use the cryptocurrency indices chart here - It helps to track all the changes of the rate and response them quickly.
answered Apr 19, 2018 by Trellkot (2,970 points)
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I didn`t know anything about BTC or crypto mining only some time ago but in fact, as I found out something about it from my friend, I decided that I want to be in this business, so, now I`m looking out for a good GPU, this site gives a list of the best GPUs but is the info true, can you give me a piece of advice?

answered May 8, 2018 by Trellkot (2,970 points)
Just a small question for the people that have more experience than i do. Is it really a good idea to invest into cryptocurrencies using a cloudmining contract? A friend of mine who started doing it recently says that it generates almost the same amount of income as regular way considering predictable profit that is mentioned in this article he linked me. Is it really so or is there anything I simply do not know or understand?
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Mining is a too expensive thing and bitcoins are looking the power. Maybe it is time for new cryptos. I think we should stake on investments. You can learn about new projects on ICO Pulse. The give a fine description and you will make the right decision

answered Mar 5, 2019 by Coloris (1,220 points)
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I earn on sport betting and I often use this service This website provides live results for the football matches which let you follow the changes in the standings of any football championship. Also there are complete schedule, detailed statistics and many other useful things. Very good source for income.
answered Jun 3, 2019 by Rabbet (1,280 points)
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The concept of cloud mining came into existence to cut off the high cost involved in mining. To deal with all the expensive gears in mining. The cloud mining idea quickly attracted all the small miners who cannot afford the expensive mining cost.
BTCComapny offers an investment plan that pays on an hourly basis.
The interest depends on your desired investment amount.
Hourly profit rate varies from 0.10% to 0.90% for 6 months (including weekends and holidays). And after lock-in period get back your investment with as little as 5% fee. Taking into account the fact that the company is involved in cloud crypto mining, the main and only currency we operate is Bitcoin. The minimum amount you need to make a deposit is 0.001 BTC.
answered Jun 4, 2019 by Mefyme (1,160 points)