Recommend me an inventory management software please

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Which are the best ones? And are they necessary for a startup with selling various clothes?
asked Apr 17 in General by Manora (280 points)

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Yes, well-developed inventory management is important for all serious companies because it's a basis for its effective and well-managed functioning :) This software is very popular now and has many types for various companies so it's really hard to choose the one, especially considering that every type of software has its own specific characteristics, pros & cons. While choosing your main things will be identifying your budget (for example, how big is your firm?), knowing your inventory processes and what you need for improving them, what certain integrations are needed in your case (and could your systems be effectively combined later with the new software?), type of tracking items in the system and certain amount of users which will use it. With knowing all these things choosing such software isn't do extremely difficult. Also for example as the best ones in this case are considered DearInventory, Xero, Magento , Megaventory, ABM Inventory and KeepStock.

answered Apr 17 by Twinflower (260 points)