How do I transfer a domain with hosting package to another account?

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I am building a website for the company that I'm working for. Currently I am hosting their website on my own client zone. Will it be possible to migrate the expenses and website domain and hosting(etc) to a new company client zone account?
asked Feb 23, 2015 in Shared Hosting by anonymous

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Yes there is a way to migrate the domain to a different account with different billing information. Due to LEGAL reasons since a domain is a legal entity, this cannot be done on your behalf by an Afrihost staff member, however we are more than happy to help with any step along the way.

You can only complete the changes out side of our billing run process. From the 5th of every month to the 25th of every month. Out side of the period we lock change so that clients are billed correctly. The change is to another person that has an Afrihost account and will host the domain with Afrihost:

A)Steps for the Current Owner to perform.
-The Current Owner will need to log into ClientZone.
-Click on Hosting
-Click the option at the bottom left "Click here to give or gain a domain"
-Make sure to select the checkbox for the domain that want to Give to the New Owner ONLY.
-Type in the New Owners email address (NB - The email that they use to log into ClientZone).
-Click start process, this will send the New Owner an email with an authorization code.

B)Steps for the New Owner to perform
-The New Owner will need to get the authorization code from their email.
-Then log into ClientZone and go to Hosting then "Click here to give or gain a domain".
-Select the Gain Domain.
-Insert the authorization code and select the payment option and click on Change Ownership.
-Smile, because you are the new owner of the domain :)

If the New Owner(s) does not have an account with Afrihost the simplest way to go about it is for them to sign up for a Free Gig so that they have an account where you can transfer the domain to.

answered Feb 23, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
As an added note, the transfer needs to be done before the billing run starts and the billing run date can change from month to month, depending on the month, please contact Afrihost support to make sure when the billing run starts.