How do I get my issue sorted, my Line is down to 1mbps from 4mbps.

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So my previous post was removed/hidden, what ever. Me and my wife have an account with AFRIHOST and when ever an issue is logged with Telkom, which is every month, they come out and ask me 20 questions, as if AFRIHOST gave them no information.


Telkom rocks up when ever they want without warning, which means I have to have somebody on standby 24/7, just incase they decide to pitch.


I just want my internet sorted, is that to much to ask.


I've sent sevral emails to Support, but they dont give two shits and never come back.


asked May 9, 2018 in ADSL by Birdhouse1437 (140 points)
So just an update, they closed Telkom closed the fault successfully on their side, and i'm still stuck with the shit speed.

Just thought id keep you guys updated.
Oh and I have three references now, for one fault that is:

- AH20180426-432015
- 352AWK140518
- 410AWK260418

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Afrihost is just a middle man between you and Telkom.
Perhaps you should go to Telkom directly to report it.
Afrihost have always been really good when I have reported my line.
After all Telkom is the goverment entity who dont give two shits usually.

Hope you get sorted soon.
answered May 14, 2018 by Rookie (6,240 points)