Does a router require APN details?

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I spoke to a client who was a tech, he claimed that he doesnt need to enter our apn details to get the router working with our data packages
asked Feb 24, 2015 in ADSL by laigz

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If you are using a router that you bought the modem from us the only thing you might need to do is log into the modem and select our APN. To log into the modem kindly connect to it and follow the below steps:

  1. Once connected to the modem, open your browser and type
  2. Once logged in, enter the password for the modem, the username will be there as admin and the password is also admin.
  3. Go to Profile Management
  4. Select new APN
  5. APN name: afrihost (small letters)
  6. APN: afrihost (small letters).
  7. Save and you are done.

The next step is to configure the Wireless settings if you want them differntly from how they are currently configured, like hiding the SSID (The name of your Wifi). After the configuration the modem will reboot itself and you will be connected automatically from the reboot.

answered Feb 24, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)