I want to go to China on vacation later this year. Can you give me some tips on traveling there, please?

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I want to go to China on vacation later this year. Can you give me some tips on traveling there, please?
asked May 11, 2018 in General by Fronman (1,820 points)

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Don't visit large cities, they are too polluted...
answered May 11, 2018 by kestes (690 points)
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I would recommend you to take a look at the airport transfer service from https://gettransfer.com/en I think it will come in handy for you in China. There might be some problems with taxis, so I think you will like it. Good luck with your vacation there. I hope you will have some great time ;)
answered May 11, 2018 by Shaquillee (1,080 points)
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I would like to tour America this summer. I've been saving money and now I want to start with New-York. The city of contrasts as far as I've heard. Besides, I want to get cultural experience as well. I've found the list of events new york might offer me. I would like to visit Dead And Company concert, has always been fond of heavy metal music. Is there anyone who would like to join me?

answered May 14, 2018 by Trellkot (2,970 points)
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I think the most significant travel tips for China are:

  • Cash is preferred

  • China recognizes only one currency – its own (check good online converters first)

  • Bring a translator

  • Don’t tip in China

  • Bring toilet paper :)

answered Apr 9, 2019 by Damian999 (580 points)
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I haven't been to China, but I like traveling, so I read much about it. Of course, it is great to find out other people's experience, but I can recommend to look through https://travelsites.com/. This source can provide you with much useful information including cheap flights, hotels/hostels booking, car renting, insurance, transportation, travel software, etc. in any corner of the world. Also there is a collection of travel blogs and forums that can also help you. 

answered May 15, 2019 by Alexandra (860 points)
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Hey, Fronman. There are two main tips, which help me to organize great vacations and save some money. First of all, buy plane tickets in advance because the price will be lower. Also, look for the service, which offers the best price. I always look for the plane tickets on europe fly and the prices there are always good. The second tip is about accommodation. You can book great apartments on Airbnb, and service Couchsurfing will give you a chance to stay at someone's place for free.

answered Nov 28, 2019 by Modislonely (970 points)
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You know, China is a pretty strange choice for people because this country is very closed and it is not a tourist centre. If you like big cities, you'd better visit New York and the service ezpassny will be extremely useful for you. With it, you can pay for toll online.   

answered Dec 22, 2019 by Soplo919 (570 points)
Now is not the best time to fly there on vacation. Given the latest news, it is now not desirable there. It is better to fly to America, rent a car there https://van-suv-rental.com/en/usa/san-francisco-airport/minivan     and enjoy your trip. There are so many places to visit. Good luck on your next trip!
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China is very big, it depends to what city you are going to travel, because they have airports almost everywhere. Also, there are a lot of websites that includes information about every country in the world, you can also specify the city and read many necessary things. You can search on Google something like necessary information for travelling to China and I am sure you will find everything you need. I am always doing like this and I never have problems. Moreover I was always finding cheap tickets and car rentals when I was searching for curiosities haha.

answered Aug 21 by IamSlater (500 points)
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