I want to buy a wi-fi rooter/modem how do I proceed? and do you have any special offers ?

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asked May 14 in General by carsita (130 points)

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Hi there 

Afrihost have a variety of connectivity options, depending on the type of connection you want will determine the router you need.

Follow the easy sign up steps online.

1. Connect with ADSL - we have capped or uncapped packages to choose from



Connect with fibre - Follow this link to see if you have fibre coverage in your area


3. Connect with a fixed wireless device - Click here to see Rain LTE‑Advanced Wireless Broadband offers


4. Get connected with mobile data and devices - here are our mobile data month to month data packages and the mobile devices on offer



Go to the Afrihost website to see even more great deals



answered May 14 by MarxA (2,200 points)
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I bought a few days ago, Tenda's router. This is an inexpensive, low-cost router. But it works very well. Suitable for home use.
answered May 16 by Helen Snow (300 points)