i would like to know about your telkom deals i dont have a landline so how would i work for mr to have wifi at home

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asked May 18, 2018 in ADSL by lancek18 (120 points)

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Hi there,

Afrihost have various options to choose from to get you a Wi-Fi Internet connection at home.

Any Telkom deal would require you have a landline and you would then get an ADSL internet connection.

Other options are:

1. Fibre - Check Fibre Coverage in your area (https://www.afrihost.com/fibre/#fibre-availability)
Choose from Capped and Uncapped packages.

2. Fixed Wireless - Get a Fixed Wireless LTE-A device, with speeds as fast as fibre.

3. Mobile Data - Choose from a selection of Mobile Wi-Fi Devices and monthly Mobile Data packages

If you require further assistance please
send a message to our whatsapp help line  - https://whatsapp.afrihost.com
or visit our Help Centre: https://www.afrihost.com/site/help_centre
​​​​​​​​​​​or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com

Thank you
answered Jun 6, 2018 by AfriDazzil (38,490 points)