How does Afrihost (and Openserve) determine which linespeed is best for me?

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Afrihost refuses to upgrade my 4Mbps line to 8Mbps. In fact, they said that Openserve recommends that I downgrade to 2 Mbps and they changed my profile to 2. I did have issues with the line but a technician repaired it and my stats have improved significantly. Currently it is

Downstream Upstream  

SNR Margin


36.9 24.6 db

Line Attenuation


30.6 15.0 db

Data Rate


2560 511 kbps

Max Rate


22020 1144 kbps
asked May 18, 2018 in ADSL by IAmRoot (120 points)

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It all depends on how far away you are situated from the DSL exchange.
The further away the slower the speeds you can get. Things like attenuation and noise on the line would affect it too.
Its not that they wont upgrade your line rather then you cant get faster speeds then what your line can handle.
You wouldnt want to pay for 8megs when you can only get up to 4megs would you?
answered Jul 4, 2018 by Rookie (6,600 points)