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I use outlook on my PC and the email app on my android device. I am trying to figure out how to show sent on both. I am currently sitting with the same email address but two sent boxes.
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Ensure your emails settings are set to imap for your mails to sync to akk your devices."


POP (Post Office Protocol) simply downloads email to your computer, and usually deletes the email from the remote server.
The problems arise when you have more than one device where you would want to read your mail (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) and it has downloaded to ONE device.

IMAP (Internet Message access protocol) allows users to store their email on remote servers. This allows the user to synchronize their email among multiple devices.


Please follow the link below for email configuration settings.


DSL Client using their email address.
DSL Client using another email address Settings as per mail provider
Hosting client not using Afrihost DSL but needing SMTP. *
Hosting client not using Afrihost DSL and using their own ISP for SMTP.

Settings Provided by your ISP **

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Rather consider Office 365.
answered Jun 4, 2018 by K1ngFallen (65,150 points)