Does anyone know why Afrihost does not provide customer service on weekends?

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You can't call them on a Saturday because their lines are closed. You can't live chat because that is closed, you cannot even use their Whatsapp because apparently that is busy forever. You can't reach them on Facebook either.

Is there literally any other ISP on earth does not have support on weekends.

I heard rumours that Afrihost is going out of business. Is this weekends without customer service maybe part of trying to save money to not go out of business?
asked Jun 2 in Client Zone by rians (180 points)

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Good day Rians,

Sorry, for your frustration this weekend.
Afrihost most certainly is available on weekends.

Our whatsapp and email ticketing service are available on weekends
And you can log a call back and one of our technicians will call you back.

To log a call back:

  • Log in to your client zone -
  • Select Support tab.
  • Select Call me back button.
  • Select Request a call me back.
  • Enter your details and a description of your query.
  • Select Call me back.

And representative will call you back shortly 

For whatsapp help go to:
or send an email to

That most certainly is just that, a rumour - Afrihost is not going out of business!

If you require further assistance please 
send a message to our whatsapp help line  -
or visit our Help Centre:
​​​​or see our FAQ page:

Thank you

answered Jun 4 by AfriDazzil (29,200 points)
That is not support at all. I want to speak to someone on the phone. If it is of a technical nature, WhatsApp does not work. You can go and check your facebook page, people are livid. Plus one WhatsApp, I had to wait 45 mins to get any sort of response and when the guy saw he could not help me, he simply terminated the chat. THAT IS NOT SUPPORT!!!! So stop saying you have support on weekends, you have the thinly veiled disguise of something like support, but when the issue is not sorted out it is not support. In the end, a good old phone call remains the best.

This is not brain surgery. All you do is forward the office phone to the cell phone of the guy that is giving WhatsApp support in anyway. He is on standby as it is, so why not take calls.

You will make me cancel everything I have with you and go with someone who is interested in service. Six months after sending an email to Gian, I am still waiting for his reply!!!!