How do I add an article (blog) tab to my menu and website on sitebuilder?

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When I add a new blog post, it shows up on my site, but I cannot find it any other way than through sitebuilder. I would like to have a menu tab called Articles, for blog posts,. Please help.
asked Jun 7 in General by Carina (120 points)

1 Answer

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The blogs are stored in a directory called blogs which must be included in the navigation menu. You can visit the following link for a step by step guide on how to add the blog section to the menu

answered Jun 8 by Rocky (2,380 points)
Thank you. I will check it out.
I have done that, and then renamed 'Blog' to 'Articles'. It seemed to then have defaulted back to a non-blog layout on the 'Articles' tab. Is it not possible for me to rename? Or is it perhaps because I had 3 blog tabs named different things, like 'Articles', 'Poetry' and 'Photography'.