Is it possible to use up a Rain topup bundle before using the monthly data?

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Last month (May) I bought a topup bundle of a few gigs - this bundle expires close to the end of this month (June).

At the beginning of June my account was credited with the usual monthly data. I can see it side by side with the monthly data in CZ. However, the data I use is still coming off the monthly bundle and not the topup first.

It doesn't make much sense doing it this way, and it would be easier to eat through the topup bundle first and then start on the monthly bundle. Otherwise the topup will just expire, probably just before I need yet another topup, at which point I'd have to buy another one.

Is it possible to change this behaviour?

asked Jun 8 in RAIN by hannesvz (120 points)

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Good day,

Rain monthly data allocation will rollover to the last day of the following month.
This means that any monthly data not used this month, can be used next month but will expire at the end of the following month if not used.

Rollover monthly allocation from the previous month will always be used first, before the current month’s allocation.
Any Rain data top ups will also be used before the monthly data allocation.

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answered Jul 9 by AfriDazzil (29,200 points)