Difference between monthly and prepaid packages

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I am intersted in signing up, but would just like to confirm the difference between the monthly and prepaid packages.

Looking at the 40GB package at R89/month for example.

As I understand it, you would pay R12.57/month and you get 5.71 GB of data. Once this is used up then you start getting charged at around R2.22/GB until your 40GB limit is reached. Once this limit is reached, you would then need to top up your data. Is there a 20GB peak and 20GB off peak split and is the 5.71GB you get initially peak or off peak or split as well?

With the prepaid option, you pay a fixed amount/month and you get 20GB peak and 20GB off peak data. Should you have any left over then this will carry over to the next month. Would there be an expiration date for data carried over from the previous month?

asked Feb 25, 2015 in Billing by anonymous

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We do not have a peak and off peak data schedule. If you sign up for a 40 Gig Capped account (20+20gig) once the data runs out of the first 20Gigs the other 20gigs will kivk in automatically. On the 40 Gigs Capped package, the Rand per gig works out to R2.22/GB. There is no double data on prepaid and the data for prepaid takes 12 months to expire. Which means you are able to take up a 40 gig package that you can pay once and use it for 12 monts. When the data gets depleted you are able to top up and the topups will last for 12 months as well.
answered Feb 25, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)