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Afrihost is refusing to contact me for days, in regards to my account, I have missed payments in the past, and settled my account on the 25th of may. On the 28th of may, I moved my domains to two different debit ordersm and yet you still attempted to retrieve funds from my old account and not on the debits as requested and now I am told that you can not debit my accounts as instructed?
asked Jun 12 in Billing by Wade99 (120 points)

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Good day Wade,

When debit orders are missed on multiple occasions the system will not allow a debit resubmission.

However you can settle your account via credit card:

To settle your account, please follow these steps:

answered Jun 13 by AfriDazzil (29,200 points)
I had 4 old cards listed, those where cards over the course of a year, that were cancelled, lost or otherwise defunct.

I updated my new payment method 2 days before the debit date, but your company decided to bill all 4 of my old cards instead, due to your special and very sacred "billing cycle" you ignore your customers request to change their method of payment and then charge all their old cards instead and then punish them for it on top of that.

I have been through this over and over with this company and my mails and phone calls where ignored, never received any callbacks. I am moving all my domains to a new host, I am done with this awful company.