How do I change outgoing mail server settings?

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Following the delition of Afrihost IP address, I am unable to send emails. I was advised to change outgoing mail server settings, but i am unable to do that since i have no idea where to go to do it.  I tried going to settings but there is no option to change settings.

Please send me step by step guide.

I access my emails using :, then I land on the dashboard that contains several icons including -" Configure mail client" I clicked this icon and all i get is the information that is used to setup email but no options to edit.

I need help urgently
asked Feb 25, 2015 in Email Hosting by Bonnie

1 Answer

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To edit mail settings in a mail like Outlook, kindly follow the below steps:

  • Click on File
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Select the e-mail account for which you want to update the e-mail address, and then click Change.

Use the below settings when setting up the email using a mail client such as Outlook etc:

  1. When asked for an incoming and outgoing server, you can use for both Incoming and Outgoing. 
  2. When asked for authentication, this will be your email address and password. No SSL option needs to be selected.
  3. In More Settings, select Outgoing email server > select My Outgoing Server requires authentication and Use same Settings as my Incoming.
  4. Lastly, in More Settings > select the Advanced tab and ensure your outgoing server port is set to port 587 and that should do the trick!
answered Feb 25, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)