Chargeback on my Afrihost Account!

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Hi Afrihost Team!

I received a SMS this morning: "We have received Credit Card Chargebacks against your account. Previously received payments have been reversed & your account is now in arrears. As a result, all Afrihost services will be suspended immediately. Please log into ClientZone & settle your account to reactivate them."

What is this about?!? What can I do abou this?

My account has been suspended and I don't know why!
asked Feb 25, 2015 in Billing by Frustrated Client
I am having the same problem I have contacted the bank as well and they say there are no problems on their side.

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1) Chargebacks are returned Credit Card payments for clients who uses their Credit Cards as a payment method. This includes clients that are using their normal Bank Card as a Credit Card.

E.G. Cheque Cards can and are also used as Credit Cards to make and settle account balances.

Reason OR Nature or the Chargeback:

(A) The card number and expiry date has changed as the card is expired,

(B) Lost OR Stolen Cards,

(C) Any fraudulent activities reported on the card,

Payment will therefore be returned during the time the above is taking place.

2) To Do:- (i) Settle the balance on your Afrihost account as the services have been suspended,

                    (ii) Contact your bank (Credit Card Department) regarding the matter

3) This is a serious matter as your Afrihost account and services have been affected,

    therefore it means that payment has not been received for these particular months in question.

These charge can go back to 2 or 3 or even more than 4months back.
answered Feb 25, 2015 by anonymous
Thank you for your explanation. It's quite clear.
Unfortunately my bank statement shows that the payment was made to Afrihost, albeit a couple of days later than usual.
I think that it's wrong for Afrihost to suspend the service without event trying to contact me first. They have both my email address, to which they email my statements, and my mobile number, which they used to send me an SMS to inform me that my service had already been suspended.
The chargeback will be refunded to the method of payment you used (your card) the service provider gets a penalty charge per transaction because its their responsibility to make sure the payment method is legit.

If you dont give some sort of ID with your payment (cards) you can pretty much initiate a chargeback for any service or product purchased.