Why is my broadband off

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asked Jun 28, 2018 in Fibre by Yoniyons (140 points)
Hey, bro. Frankly speaking, I am sure, that problem isn't about you,. I mean, that it's something wrong with the provider, which you use. I ask you not to do anything by yourself, because there is a huge chance, that you will make something wrong, so break it. If you're in serious need of internet, then you should at least use the guide, which will help you find the problem and solve it. I have asked my friend, who had the problems with the internet last week, how did he fix it, he said, that he always use the guides, which he find on the one good site - https://usave.co.uk/broadband/broadband-without-monthly-contract/. Hope it will help you. Write me after you will finish. Wait your answer.

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Hi Yoniyons

Try rebooting your CPE/ONT (device on the wall) and the router.

Which lights on the CPE are switched on and what colour is each light?
The ALARM / ALM / LOS light is not suppose to be on, If it is this indicates an issue on the line and it must be reported.

Before the line can be reported, we need to check if there are any reported outages in your area. If there is an outage, reporting a fault on the line will not be necessary. We will have to allow the provider time to work on the issue and restore services.

If the FX light on the CPE device is off, this means your Fibre link is down.
If the FX light is on, but the Internet isn't working, this could be your router settings.

Please check your router settings  - Set to DHCP

  • Open your browser 
  • In the search bar enter the IP address of the router. 192.168.0.
  • Hit enter to search
  • This will redirect you to the router settings page 
  • Under WAN settings select DHCP client 
  • Under wireless settings (2.4G), enter your Wi-Fi password key and under wireless settings (5G), 
    do the same and enter your Wi-Fi password key.
  • The password can be found under the router or you can enter a new secure Wi-Fi password of your choice.
  • Select Save Changes 
  • This will take you to the Login page 
    Username: Admin 
    Password: leave blank 
  • Select Login
  • This will take you to a Quick set up page 
  • Click next
  • Under connection type select Dynamic IP 
  • Click next 
  • This will show you the wireless security settings of the router 
  • Check the settings are correct 
  • Click next
  • Check the settings of the 5G connection are correct 
  • Click next again
  • Select Finish to complete the set up 

    Your have now successfully set your fibre router to DHCP 

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Thank you

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