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I signed up for cloud hosting about 3 days ago and I received the mail today saing that my server is ready and it contained all the relevent server details. I am unable to acces sthe server or find WHM or anything on it. When I go to ClientZone and open the cloud hosting tab under my hosting section, I can only see buttons for : Power Options, Action Log, Cancel Package and Edit Package.

When I click on the server link :  I only get a browser page saying : Safari can't connect to teh server.

Am I missing something here? My cloud server with Axxess was issued within two days and the control panel for my server had buttons for accessing WHM and Cpanel etc etc.  Very easy to use.

I phoned and Whats App'd Afrihost support like a mad man today but no one really gave me any answers. Just received emails back saying teh server was  deployed and accessible. (Not to me!!!)

Before I signed up I phoned Afrihost and asked them about their cloud hosting offerings because I am currently with Axxess but I noticed they offer less internet traffic on their server. Afrihost offers much more traffic. I also asked the sales person are their cloud servers issued with WHM and Cpanel and they said yes its included in the package price...

I dont know what I am missing and I feel like this is becoming very complicated now.... Seriously doubting this move...

Can anyone help or give me any info PLEASE...

OH AND... whenever I try to refresh the server stats I get this nice orange message since this morning

asked Jul 2, 2018 in Cloud Hosting by Rhino85 (120 points)
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Hey Rhino85

It totally sounds like something has gone wrong with your server setup. The deployment is normally INSTANT and the details are emailed to you within minutes of sign up. The email contains all links you need to access the server, normally. 
If you cant open the WHM page or even SSH to the server, something must be wrong. 

I would suggest you pop a mail directly to, here you should get a quicker reply, and they will help check whats wrong. 

If you signed up for a self managed server, it might be that they arent able to actively monitor it and so they cant check it all the time for you automatically. 
Let us know your experience! 

answered Jul 26, 2018 by InternetMatt (10,620 points)