how long does it take when you have applied the adsl

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asked Jul 4, 2018 in ADSL by ZuzileMdhluli (140 points)

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Good day Zuzile,

Once you have signed up for an ADSL line you need to send a copy of your ID to so the account can be verified and activated.
This can take 12 - 24 hours.

If you are waiting for your ADSL and voice line to be installed this takes 14-30 working days once ordered.

If you are migrating your line over to us you need to give Telkom 30 days notice, your line will then be placed in a holding pool and once Telkom release your line you will have 5 days to sign up with a new service provider - Afrihost..

I hope this helped.

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Thank you
answered Jul 4, 2018 by AfriDazzil (45,340 points)
I cancelled my service with Telkom on the 7th May as prescribed by Afrihost, this is sending the downloaded cancellation request form and emailing it to Telkom Cancellations, I received no response from Telkom, I then happened to check at a walk in Centre, where I was told that service was discontinued, it now needs to be done on the Telkom web portal, I did so on the 17th May, I received notification with reference numbers to confirm that the cancellation was logged, on the 19th June, I followed up with both Afrihost and Telkom, no action had been taken by Telkom to move the line to the holding pool, as a full month had passed, one would have expected that Telkom hold there end of the cancellation request, numerous visits to Telkom have not helped, with one department blaming the other.
today is the 19th July, still Telkom has done nothing to move the line to the holding pool, I have been without service, but they still billed be for the non where does that leave me?