Suspended but I paid, why?

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Yesterday my account was suspended, apparently due to none payment, so I paid online by mastercard debit and my service was restored. But then I checked my bank statement and payment went through at the beginning of the month normally. So why was i suspended? And will you reimburse me for the money that I paid?
asked Feb 26, 2015 in Billing by Steve

1 Answer

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The suspension on the account was due to the Charge-backs we received from the bank.

Yes payment was submitted on the first and received accordingly, however the money was then rerturned back to your account, which results to non-payment.

The Scenario of a Charge-back is that payment has been reversed and this is what resulted to an immediate suspension.

Afrihost is investigating the matter at hand and we are in contact with the Banks involved.

Should there be double payments made or received from your account yes by all means the amount will be Credited to your Afrihost account for future billing,

Alternatively should a need arise the payment will be reversed back to your Credit card.
answered Feb 26, 2015 by anonymous
edited Feb 26, 2015