Afrihost Plus on ADSL Capped Account

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Good day

I have been using Afrihost Mobile and did sign up for AH+ in order to qualify for double data.

During Janurary  stopped using mobile data and moved to ADSL

I then signed up for 20GB + 20GB capped data for 89.

My invoice arrived and here are the charges

20 GB =R89.00

AH+ =R99

Why am  still paying for  Afihost Plus on ADLS? I thought doible data will only apply after 30 June 2015
asked Feb 26, 2015 in ADSL by Michael

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Hi Michael

With Afrihost Plus + you don't only get permanent double data, but also 500MB Mobile Data extra on your mobile, Permanent 2-for-1 Topups Capped DSL Soft Capping on your mobile or cappped DSL package, and Double Uncapped DSL Turbocharges if you have an uncapped account. Double data is set to end at the end of December 2014 but we are still waiting for confirmation.
answered Feb 26, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
I know about all that, but I only signed up for this Afrihost plus on my mobile, which I  currently paused the service as I no longer need it.

Do I need to pay extra 99 to receive capped DSL data as well? I thought  it only applied to mobile data  which is the reason why I moved from mobile to DSL.
And Please address my  specific questions