Changing a bundled package

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So I asked a question 4 weeks ago (28th Jan)  about changing my bundled DSL package. I was answered that I could easily change using CZ, and the "system" would recognise that it was a bundled change and rebundle my new change.

ALAS this hasn't happened I seem to be on a std 10mb line and 30Gb (now doubled), capped product!

How do I get it bundled and credited for this month past?
asked Feb 26, 2015 in Billing by JC (150 points)

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"You don't really need to worry about the bundle portion, if you upgrade your data portion to a product that is eligible for bundling, then it will move to a new bundle automatically. Bear in mind that pro-rata fees are calculated on the full product value and not the bundle value."

This was when the system automatically changed the bundles to match the profiles of the your bundle. Your account also qualified for Double Data if the system upgraded automatically by the system. Because the automatic updates also made changes to the billing of the accounts, we needed to stop them and let client's that were interested in in the Double Data on Bundles to upgrade their packages through ClientZone.

You will not lose any functionality will not change as well as your username, you will simply receive more data. Just remember that you do not need to bundle and unbundle. As long as it's an eligible Capped product, you will remain in bundle. Check our website if you want to be sure that you are selecting an eligible product, otherwise you should receive a warning that the product you've selected will result in you being unbundled.
answered Feb 26, 2015 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
I had a 10mb and 54gb capped bundled account for R399+R98 = R497

I have now been billed for 30Gb capped R129 and R399 for the 10mb line R 528  (when the double data ends I will be well worse off)