Please list the correct procedure to log a support call with a tracking number

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We need a support ticket number assigned so that the support issue can be tracked, as each time we phone or WhatsApp a different person takes the call and one has to start again to try and get a resolution to the problem at hand, more so now that WhatsApp support is also involved. In my instance I have not been able to get an answer on a no service issue (fixed wireless) in 14 days - hugely frustrating!

The advantage of having a system like that is if the resolution is not found and the ticket is still open it should be automatically esculated and solution found - if a solution cannot be found, be honest and tell the client! Asupport ticket cannot be closed if the client does not accept closure otherwise support agents close tickets just to get rid of them and everyone suffers due to poor service!
asked Jul 19, 2018 in General by CharlesHagerman (120 points)

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There are two ways to make a ticket, either send an email to with your comments and issues, or, you can make a ticket in your ClientZone under the Support section, which in theory seems to do the same thing.
Then if you call in or anything, you can quote the ticket number and they can see the issue and help you with it in that manor.
You can also ask for it to be escalated from there

Good luck!
answered Jul 26, 2018 by InternetMatt (10,620 points)
MattzFiber - thanks for your reply, but unfortunately the system does NOT log a ticket number through WhatsApp, so, if you need to refer back to the issue you have no ticket number or system to consolidate the "support thread" on the system to track the issue or for that matter escalate it....